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  • Objective To determine the fire resistance performance of a single specimen of an uninsulated, single-acting, double-leaf doorset when tested in accordance with BS 476: Part 22: 1987, Clause 8.
  • Sponsor Synergy Thrislington, A1, Phase 1, Industrial Estate, Mohali, Chandigarh-160055 India
  • Summary of Tested Specimen The doorset had overall nominal dimensions of 2600 mm high by 2290 mm wide and incorporated two door leaves of overall nominal dimensions 2557 mm high by 1115 mm wide by 44 mm thick. The doorset was of mild steel construction and incorporated a mineral fiber core 3 of stated density 144kg/m . The door leaf was latched and flush bolted for the duration of the test. The doorset was installed such that the door leaves opened away from the heating conditions of the test.

  • Testing Results Integrity

  • 240 minutes*
  • * The test duration.
  • Fire Resistance: As per BS-4735 horizontal burn < 125 mm
  • The test was discontinued after a period of 240 minutes.

  • Date of Test 23 January 2008

    Date of Test 23 January 2008

    Fire Certificate

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