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  • EPS – A GREEN LEADER The basic material of Instahome is EPS which is Expandable polystyrene with in plane steel wire mesh over which self company concrete (SCC) is used to ensure a Precast finish.

  • IT IS Safe:
    It does not release toxic or harmful substances and is completely inert. It contains no chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and hydro chlorofluorocarbons HCFCs). Besides, being free of organic material, it inhibits the growth of microoganisms and mould. The merchanical and thermal properties are guaranteed throughout the life of the building. Ti does not suffer damange if exposed to sterm of humidity.

  • IT IS Recyclable:
    During production no waste materials are produced and the panel production aims to optiomize the cuts while minimizing waste. Any EPS scrap is directly recycled during production, in the plant itself.

  • IT IS Non-Toxic:
    It does not create allergies and is not harmful to the health of those who produce or install it.

  • IT IS Self-Extinguishing:
    EPS used for Insta Home panels is self-extinguishing, i.e. once the ignition source (the flame) has been removed it will not produce a flame or continue to boun.

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