• 10 Storey Building in 48 Hours

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    • In this fast rising world, every frame of time counts, so why to slaughter months of such precious time in construction. Embrace Instacon, a revolutionary smart Building concept for the first time in the History of India.
    • Instacon is an ultra fast smart Building Solution manufactured in a controlled factory environment and shipped to a prepared building site for installation. Each building is code compliant and meets the strictest building norms.
    • Instacon construction is an alternate yet fast & reliable method of building in commercial applications such as Hotels, Hospitals, Multi-storey Towers, commercial complexes etc.
    • Uniqueness of Instacon is the efficient and simultaneous activities of site preparation and building construction in factory, rather than two separate phases of the customary process.
    • Instacon is an energy efficient money saving alternative to conventional construction & effectively meets the specialized needs of diverse businesses.
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