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    • Building industry in India is fast moving towards industrialized methods of construction in order to meet the huge demand for housing and better quality control at affordable levels. In fast-growing urban areas, the gap between demand and supply of housing is continuously increasing. The duration of construction plays a very vital part in this regard. In order to minimize the time span of the construction and maintain the quality in construction, prefabrication system is generally preferred. Synergy Thrislington in technical collaboration with CSIR-SERC has come up with a unique concept of INSTA Home- A light weight Factory made modular housing construction system where in we construct Concrete houses -INSTAHOME in 20 hours ie highly reduced construction time of a conventional brick and mortar house .
      The housing construction technology, first of its kind in India, is unique in many ways.

      • These are Factory Made houses. More than 70% percent of the work is done in the factory.
      • The steel modules pre-fitted with flooring,ceiling, tiles, water supply, electrical & plumbing are transported to the site for installation.
      • Once all the components are assembled and erected at site, Concreting is done on the factory made insulated 3 Dimensional EPS(Expanded Polystyrene) panel walls In-Situ making it a monolithic structure.
      • The process continues round the clock to construct the concrete House in 20 hours.
      • Afterwards any type of finishing and painting can be done on these concrete walls just like the conventional houses.

    • Components of InstaHome:

    • 1) Modular Steel Structure.
    • 2) 3-D EPS Walls.

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