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  • Highly skilled design and Engineering
    Our Engineering and design team use its specialized custom designed softwares to prepare all engineeing and fabrication drawings.

  • Ultra fast Construction
    Since, more than 80% of the work is carried out in factory. Our high efficiency mode of construction enables us to deliver complete building within few days of work at site.

  • Energy Efficient Systems
    Instacon Utilizes latest and best quality energy conservation systems as listed below Thermally insulated double skilled PUF panel exteriors walls. Double pane windows with Lux controlled curtains. HVAC Systems for air circulation through under floor air supply.

  • Earth Quake resistant
    Combined with well designed Lightweight structure and unique bracing system, these buildings are capable of withstanding higher intensity of eathquakes as compared to the conventional buildings of same size. Certified by CSIR-SERC, Chennai for compliance with seismic zone 5.

  • Eco Friendly
    Steel is Sustainable, Non toxic and Recyclable. Manufacturing more than 80% of the building in the factory with minimal usage of concrete which reduces carbon footprint and the adverse impaction green spaces at or around the job site.

  • Minimized construction wastes and Pollution
    With total qualty control at plant and less than 20% of work at site, there are minimal emissions, flying dust and polluted water of site. Construction waste reduces to 1% of the total material involved.

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